3 Ways to Test Your Internet Speed at Home

Internet speed tests are way with which you can know how fast your internet is. The reason you need to go for an internet speed test is to check if your Internet service providers (ISP) provide the speed that they have promised.

You can find speed tests online like the zuku internet speed test online that you can use to check whether your internet connection is fast, as the service provider has promised you. Conforming about the internet speed makes you a smart consumer.  Here are various ways with which you can test your internet speed at home.

How to check internet speed at home?

When you go for an internet speed test, you might find upload speed and download speed to be different. Usually, the download speed provided by the ISP is more than the Upload speed, your internet speed also varies depending on the plan you take.

Internet Speed Test on Windows

Steps to check Internet Speed ON Windows

  • Connect the router via Ethernet cable to your computer or laptop.
  • Click on the windows icon in the start menu.
  • Click on Network and Internet
  • Then you need to click on the Ethernet Button.
  • It will take you to the setting menu, where you get the option to choose “Change the Adapter setting”, you need to click on it.
  • A pop-up menu will open with the detail about the internet speed.

Internet Speed Test on Mac

  • Connect the router or Wi-Fi with Laptop or Computer
  • Click on the Spotlight, you will find it at the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Type Network utility in the search menu and press return to open the Network Utility app
  • You will find an Info tab in the menu, click on the info tab.
  • Select the Ethernet option to open up the network utility window.
  • On the Network Utility window, you will find a “Link Speed” that shows your internet speed.

Online Speed test

Online speed tests are the easiest way of checking the internet speed. With a few simple clicks, the Zuku internet speed test online lets you perform speed and find out if the claim of your ISP about the internet speed is true or false. To perform the internet test online, go on the website of the Zuku internet speed test online.

Click on the button test server. The speed test will measure the round trip in the millisecond and gives you the result. After the ping gets complete, the download speed test begins where the client will download a small piece of data to check your download speed.