5 Popular Web Development Technology Trends to Look in 2021

Since the advent of the internet, technology development rapidly increases to grow in all sectors. From booming the ecommerce industry to offline stores, it makes its way to provide comfort to the human. This also enables businesses to accelerate their profits through availing online opportunities. Nowadays, almost every retailer is on the internet. Whether it’s a B2B business or retail store, the website becomes the asset of modern businesses.

But one of the main hurdles is to be with the technology trends. With the rapid changes in technology, most website owners find it difficult to move with the modern world. A few years back, it was never possible to create a site without the codes. Now, WordPress and other CMS platforms make it possible for non-tech savvy to build sites without hassles.

Similarly, website hosting companies like websouls make it easy for website owners to launch their site effectively. But the question remains the same how to stay updated with modern tech trends? Don’t worry, as this blog comes up with the top web development technology trends that you can consider in 2021.

Web Development Technology Trends in 2021

It is important to look for the trends that get you an edge over your competitors in the highly competitive digital market. But why update your site with modern trends? With technology’s change, people’s behavior is also changing. Now, people want more interactive websites with quick load time. Therefore, without catering to the customers’ needs, you may fail to run a successful business site.

This is the reason you must need to adopt the web development technology trends. This can help you to offer more flexibility and enhance the user experience with a decrease in bounce rates. So let’s know the web development technology trends in 2021 below.

1.   Highly Progressive Web Apps

As people feel lazier to download applications on their mobile phones, web technology introduces progressive web applications. They run and act as a mobile native application but are websites. This saves downloading time of visitors and lets them experience the same native mobile application on a web browser. Therefore, this web development technology trend in 2021 is a must to consider for your site.

2.   AI-Powered Chatbots

Chatbots help a lot to online businesses in customer retention. It provides customers a platform to easily address the question and get a quick response. In 2021, it continues with the slight modification of artificial intelligence. Now, businesses don’t need to answer the queries 24/7. Artificial intelligence can answer on your behalf just like a human.

3.   Voice Recognition Technology

VR is no longer a new concept for the audience as well as for businesses. Since people started shifting towards smartphones, the voice searches on google increases. This ultimately enables business sites to offer on-site voice search. Voice eCommerce is expected to rule the market, providing more convenience to visitors.

4.   Cloud Computing

Web security comes as the four necessary elements in the web technology trends. Every site owner wants to secure their site from the evil’s eyes. The hackers are here to turn the impossible into possible. So at such a stage, cloud computing becomes the perfect way that addresses your worries. The top-notch hosting providers started providing cloud hosting for sites that let them store data, essential files easily and securely.

5.   Dark Themes

From Twitter to Facebook, everyone is introducing dark themes or night modes that let the user enjoy surfing effectively. This is one of those web development technology trends that is in high demand. You need to come up with offering visitors to set the mode as per their choice. This gives flexibility and freedom to bring the site online.