Common web development mistakes and how to avoid them

Making mistakes makes you learn more. But it may become problematic when working for a company. Therefore, we are here to enlighten you about the minute mistakes that you may be making as a professional web development company

  • Usage of Non-Responsive Design

For an increase in users, you need to have an RWD (which is Responsive Web Design). It will enable you to be able to display on all devices with different resolutions. When analyzing your product, check in real devices as well. 

  • Relying on Bootstrap

Technology has new ways of coming every day for better and faster coding. Bootstrap is the easiest and fastest of them all but you cannot just rely on it. CSS programming has better end results and even having the knowledge of it is much better than any UI framework. 

  • Browsers’ Compatibility Issues

Every browser has its own target audience just like devices have specified browser that is preferred by the users. You need to do proper testing to find any functional and usability problems occurring in the browser.  Usage of cloud platforms makes testing flawless, plus you can also find if there is any coding issue which may be causing some kind of break. 

  • Loading takes time

If your website is taking too much loading time, you may need to rethink the design components of your website. The best to decrease your loading time is by optimizing the images on your website specifically on the home page. A huge amount of themes, plugins may cause the loading time to increase. 

  • Not Mobile-Friendly Website

As statistics show that there has been an increase in mobile users in the last 4 years. Therefore, more than 60% of your users believe in quality experience on their mobile devices. Also, your premium content should be available within 3 minutes of reading time. This will allow the user to be hooked onto your website. 

  • Missing CTA (Call To Action)

The CTA button is a very obligatory piece of any website. It allows you to be able to get leads by redirecting to the company website. It also enables you to get newsletter subscription from the once in a time users. 


From the above-mentioned mistakes, there are still some common which brings down your website ranking. Like poor content, faulty security, no usage of analytics, problematic design. All of these should be corrected in order for your company to be counted amongst the Professional Web Development Company.