Data science contributes itself to a wide range of applications, each from different domains. It is used for different purposes such as training a machine, predicting probabilities, connecting different kinds of devices and many more, each of which can be explained by considering various applications in which data science is used.

Importance of data science:

Data science training in Bangalore is mostly important in business processes for helping in making good decisions by considering various aspects for the calculation. It consists of various strategies for doing this. It eliminates human efforts and increases time efficiency. It also increases the accuracy of the data and profit percentage of the businesses. It helps the business processes to use all the kinds of data regardless of what data it is. It could be customer data or financial data of the organization.

Applications of data science:

  • Fraud detection and risk detection- This is mainly used in the banking sector. There are many people who take out loans from the bank every year. Ultimately, most of them fall into debt. This was one major problem that had to be taken into consideration-finding a strategy to locate the probability of a person paying the loan back or not. This is done by taking certain factors into consideration: Do they have their own house? Are they married? Is their annual income above 5 lakhs? According to this, they can get to a conclusion easily and make decisions accordingly.
  • Health-As years pass, everything has to update and grow. Technology has been playing a major role in the field of health. Some of the useful areas where technologies play a major role in this sector are medical imaging, genetics and genomics, pharmaceuticals, virtual assistance for patient monitoring and support, and much more.
  • Internet Search-Have you ever wondered how a search engine displays the possible questions you might have from one word that you type on a search bar? How as you go through a webpage, it starts to display ads based on the same? All of this is done using machine learning which is a branch of data science.
  • Target advertising-This is also another concept based on machine learning. You might have observed the ads that are shown to you on YouTube before the actual video starts. If you look closely, these advertisements are targeted and intended to be shown to you. This is again based on what you search for and the number of times you see something.
  • Advanced image recognition-This concept is used in digital image processing which is again a branch of data science. It is used to deal with observing and highlighting certain parts of an image and to work on a few parts of the image.
  • Airline routing-Data science in airlines is used mainly for prediction of flight delays, the weather conditions, or even suggesting if the flight has to stop at certain times and then move ahead. It is cost-effective and accurate, making it the best application of data science.

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Data science course in Bangalore is the field that is always emerging and expanding. It would be an ideal choice to make it a career choice. It is a vast subject and provides a wide range of options because there are so many branches to it.

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