Follow these 3 Tips to Fix a Stalled Printer

Nowadays, not an entire collective of businesses are doing much printing. But almost every business has a printer in their workplace. This is because most of the business activities are conducted online, but there are still instances when documents are required. Backing up your files on a hard drive is a good practice to pay heed to in case a computer system crashes. But, here printers also come in handy when you need to print confirmations of such. Owning and maintenance of printers is an expensive affair because of the hefty price of printer ink cartridge. And despite this, there comes a time when the printer stalls and you need to either buy a new one or fix it. This article by focuses on the latter.

The latest and avant-garde printing technology has rendered easier to print, use minimal ink and keep a printer up and running for prolonged periods of time. However, that doesn’t mean that your printer will always work in a top notch condition. No matter how well you look after this peripheral device, there will come a time when it will stall. There are a plethora of reasons of why this happens, hence a quick inspection is needed to determine the root problem and addressing it immediately.

  1. A printer stalls when a printer ink cartridge has dried out or is empty from inside. No matter if the inkjet printers have a much more refined system than the older devices, the ink can dry out nonetheless. If a printer hasn’t been in use for quite a while or you have used an alternative brand for the generic printer ink or remanufactured ink, then it is more prone to dry out quicker than the branded ink. When the ink dries, it can stall the printer head, which in turn, stalls the printer itself.
  2. To fix the clog, remove the ink cartridge from the printer and shake it to release the ink. This helps in using up the leftover ink and get the printer up and running again. There is also a possibility that the toner is dry or has been used completely. The entire process can be completed, when toner cartridges are shaken to release the ink to get the printer up and running again.
  3. When nothing works, know that the cartridge needs to be replaced. Printer ink dries out or get old no matter how vigorously you shake it, it will not work again. And when this happens, know that you need to purchase a new cartridge or a printer ink refill system.