How You Can Go for the best PC Speakers

Whether you want to listen to music, want to play the latest generation of video games or want to watch movies with your computer, today there are several PC speakers that allow you to do it. For those with needs that go beyond the average, or even for those who are not satisfied with the simple speakers built into the monitor, there are many systems that can satisfy many palates. Of course, a system equipped with dedicated and chosen speakers and amplifier can give more satisfactions, but often they cost more and are much more bulky.

How the PC Speakers Actually Work

PC speakers usually have some features in common: they are often cheaper than a Hi-Fi system or stereo; they are also much smaller in size and all the necessary components are contained in the least possible number of products. If a complete system can have different elements, such as amplifier, pre-amplifier, equalizer, in addition to the actual speakers and all in separate peripherals, the PC speakers enclose everything necessary inside the speakers themselves, or at the limit inside the subwoofer unit.

  • In this page we will explain how to orient yourself in the purchase of PC speakers, how to understand what to buy based on your needs, what you expect and, of course, how much you want to spend. If you prefer to play with your computer, then you need a 5.1-channel PC system, that is, with five separate satellites and a dedicated subwoofer, while if you listen to music, a 2.0 system (without subwoofer) or 2.1 can also be fine. But remember, if audio quality is a necessary condition in addition to PC speakers, we also recommend buying a sound card.

As we just wrote to you to understand how to choose the speakers of your computer you must first of all identify their intended use. Do you really like music? Do you often watch DVD or Bluray movies? Are you a fervent videogame player and you cannot live without “fragging” your opponents? For every type of user there is of course a type of PC speakers that can meet his expectations in terms of audio quality. Music, films and video games use different audio formats, and are recorded taking into account the needs of multimedia content.

PC speakers

Just as a musical audio message is usually composed of only two channels, cinema content is often recorded in five channels plus an additional track for low frequencies, which are intended for the subwoofer. To reduce the space occupied on the DVD or on the Blu-Ray (which in the case of using six channels it can be a lot), in the cinema sector a digital format is used, for example Dolby Digital and DTS, which is compatible with PC speakers only if the system has coding through a dedicated chip. Make a visit to for taking a decision for the speakers.


In this page we will not go into the technical descriptions of power, impedance, or of the various components that make up the PC speakers, since they are usually compact and already complete systems for use as soon as they are taken out of the box. The advice we can give you is not to trust too much the numbers shown in the technical data sheets: as is also the case for hypermarket stereo systems, the technical numbers of PC audio systems are often exaggerated and do not represent the real value of the product since they point especially to impress.