Is N95 enough to fight off the Coronavirus? 

Ever since Coronavirus broke out, there have been more than 3L cases worldwide. With the virus breakout, people are rushing to the medical stores to get hand sanitizers, masks, and tissues. Due to such an increased demand for masks, most of the businesses have run out of supply. 

With the coming in of the increased demand for masks, there are different types of them available in the market. If you are looking forward to protecting yourself against Covid-19 infection, a simple medical mask won’t be of much help. The COVID-19 is growing stronger with each passing day, and thus, it is convenient that one stays prepared for it. 

As per the guidelines sent by centers of disease control and prevention (CDC), an individual should be using N95 masks. This respirator face mask is one of the greatest protection and saves you from the risk of contracting Covid-19. The mask filters the particles from the air. The filters are very small and are capable of keeping out different bacterias and viruses. 

Is N95 the same as that of face masks? 


There are several reasons why N95 is different from face masks. While the face masks make you prone or expose you to airborne particles, the N95 doesn’t do so. The N95, however, needs to be fitted in perfectly to ensure protection against leakage. This helps to keep off the harmful chemicals while the user inhales air. So, every passing air is detected through the filter before passing it off. 

The N95 masks aren’t loose-fittings and offer complete protection against large and small respiratory particles. Unlike the general face masks, N95 filters the air and prevents any leakage that may give way to germs and bacteria. 

Should you be using the mask always? 

Not really. Experts at Lezar3D suggest that you need to take proper precautions while using the face mask. If you are safe and are taking care of any suspected COVID-19 person, wear the N95 mask. 

You need to step out of your house to get your hands on essentials. Therefore, in situations like these, you will need to wear masks. The mask will only protect you if you are following proper sanitization guidelines. Frequent hand cleaning can help you stay protected. 

Since you are using the mask for personal safety, you need to use it carefully and even dispose off with proper safety. You need to avoid touching the mask frequently when you’ve put it on.