Security Automation Made Easy


Security automation refers to the handling of functions automatically thanks to pre-set programming software, instead of having such functions carried out by a technician. Automation is very effective as it boosts response time, because the response is already available and is programmed to be activated in certain situations. Where security automation is concerned, one of the major features is IOT (internet of things). As the internet is now in almost every aspect of our lives, ranging from alarms and reminders to projects and conferences, we use the internet on many devices, this is where IOT comes in. It is a way of referring to the devices we connect to the internet, together. These devices are lnter connected over the internet and can be accessed from a separate platform. Where IOT is concerned, some of the key words/phrases you will likely encounter include:

  • IoT coordination: IoT coordination incorporates separate frameworks, programming, and sensors into a solitary administration stage. A coordination stage enables you to see, oversee and set computerized administers on each bit of information that as of now exists in the stage, bringing about ground-breaking and already inaccessible applications. This provides a general access to all systems connected to the internet from one location, meaning, no more moving around with several gadgets. As long as any gadget or equipment or appliances is connected to the internet, you can operate, like owning a universal remote.


  • IoT platform architecture: Thanks to the digital age and rise of IoT, the IoT Platform architecture is of great significance. IoT Platform architecture refers to the design of the operations of the IoT system. Since in IoT, one remote device has access to control different devices with access to a specified internet, it is necessary to have an easily understandable overview. The application design in this regard is what is intended when the phrase IoT Platform architectureis used. Some platforms can be too complex for the intended users which would defeat the intended purpose, but with IoT Platform architecture, the main aim is to produce a platform that the users are familiar with.



  • IoT platform comparison: Since the IoT platform is being used by many people across the world, there are bound to be several platforms available. IoT Platform comparison is an analysis of different IoT platforms available. IoT Platform comparison is necessary as different IoT platforms offer different features, have different difficulty levels and have different strengths and limits. IoT Platform comparison helps differentiate and highlight the different advantages and disadvantages of the IoT platforms available, to help an individual make the right choice. Not all platforms are the same wherever products and services are the same and thus IoT platform comparison helps differentiate the different platforms


With all these control features and IoT systems communicating via the internet, cyber security is of the utmost importance, as cyber-attacks are on the rise. The devices connected to the internet can have controls hijacked where cyber security is loose, thus security automation is the best solution with IoT platform.