Steps of import from Google Docs to WordPress using jetpack

If you are a content writer or working with a website which provides information, then you will love Google Doc. Google Doc comes with some of the amazing tools like collaboration and formatting features. But it can be one of the worst experiences when you transfer the information from Google Docs to WordPress.

Now it’s very easy to transfer your information directly from Google Docs to self-hosted WordPress by using the Jetpack plugin. Below you will get detailed information on how to do that without any problem.

How to import from Google Doc to WordPress using jetpack

there are some of the steps that you must follow carefully without missing any steps. In this article, you will get any information related to the Google Docs to WordPress transfer of information using jetpack. So that there is no problem in the formatting and picture transfer.

Step 1: Installation and configuration of the jetpack for the site you have.

From you can easily install Jetpack as it is a free plugin. For stating it you need to install and then activate it. Once you are done of jetpack activation when the application will come up with a pop up to connect it with then you need to click on the connect to option.

If you don’t have a WordPress account, then you need to create one before all this. If you already have an account In WordPress, then jetpack will be either:

  • It will already show you as logged in or,
  • Will ask you to log in.

When you have given then approval to the jetpack access to the site. Here the jetpack will tell you to select the paid plan when you will get so many more advantages. It mainly depends on you that you want to use the paid version or the free version. It’s not important that you need to get the paid plan only so that you can import from Google Docs to WordPress.

Then you need to click on the free version. After all this, the jetpack is connected. Now you can move to the specific steps which are needed to import from the Google Docs to WordPress.

Step 2:  installing and authorizing the WordPress add-on for Google Doc.

If you have already instead jetpack before starting with this article, then this is the place you should read and follow to gather more information due to further steps. You need to install the WordPress Google Docs add-on. Then you need to authenticate the add-ons to accessed by your account. Then you need to select all the sites which you want to add in the WordPress you can add as many sites you want to in WordPress. There are many steps you need to follow related to authentication but none of them are compilated and you can do them easily.

  • By clicking the free button, you need to install Google Docs by going to WordPress Docs.
  • You must authenticate the add-ons by access to the WordPress account.
  • If you have multiple account or website, then you must add them in your WordPress account and then import features on.
  • After all this Google will automatically open a google Docs windows separately. Then you need to click on the continue to give permission to the WordPress add-on and then run.
  • Whenever you click the button continue you will get a standard Google permission box will come out. Then need to click on allow to permit the WordPress add-on which will help in importing the Google Doc to WordPress. There are many authorizations that you must face when you are going on with this work.

Step 3: in the access to WordPress give them on

For providing the access to your WordPress you need to select the Add-on then you need to visit the WordPress for Google and then open. In the right side of the Google Docs, you will see a WordPress Windows of the Google Docs interface. Then you have opened that window and click on the Authorize button. These plug-in methods will help in keeping the Google Docs to WordPress process good and will help the format in the same place.