Three essential keys to improve your B2B sales overnight

In B2B sales (Business to Business), much depends on a few. Compared to a B2C business (Business to Client) that seeks to reach as many people as possible, a B2B company faces a small number of customers in very specific sectors. And although the average sales tickets are much higher, this means that the sales process is slow and complex. Understanding just how complex this process is starts with using time management tools to measure and analyze the time you spend on sales tasks. From there, you have two possible courses of action. You can either outsourced sales team for your b2b business process, or can follow below three aspects to increase the sales.

What are the 3 keys?

As a B2B company, your priority should be to invest in a solid commercial force. Your focus should be to nurture a sales area to begin with, but at the same time you should also adopt marketing practices to make the work of your sellers more productive. To increase the possibilities in this delicate sales process, keep the following recommendations.

Simplify the purchase process for your customer

According to a study, those in charge of a company, live under constant stress when hiring a service provider. Excess of information is the primary culprit for thin complexity. Companies saturate the customer with information about their characteristics, which is often not something that interests customers. On the contrary, those who were most successful in sales according to the study, were those who approached potential buyers with a diagnostic approach and recommendations.

That is, instead of overwhelming buyers with information that is not relevant to them, they conduct an objective assessment of the company’s situation and draw up a series of routes or scenarios for different courses of action, including the purchase of the solution that offers the provider in question.

What interests B2B buyers?

As with any other purchase, a B2B sale is influenced by objective and subjective factors, with a different weight for each one according to the type of organization and the people in charge of the purchase. The most important factors to close a sale will depend on each industry. There are three qualities which are listed as the most important by B2B buyers – product quality, expertise and response quality. That is, how good the product is, how much expertise is perceived in the supplier and, how the warmth of the relationship with the supplier is.

Understand your customers to be able to retain them

Clients expect from their suppliers a compression of their needs as individuals and as an organization. Knowing your clients and their professional aspirations, the way they prefer to interact, as well as the challenges they face within their organization and the ways in which you can help them, will make the relationship flow more naturally, strengthen your company and consider you an ally throughout your career.

All this information will result from listening carefully to your clients and asking them the right questions, which will give you guidelines to know where you need to improve your work or interaction. The main thing is to align your team with the expectations of your client to generate value at each step and help them achieve their goals.