What is the Dark Web?

The internet you use is centralized. This means everything you do on the web is under the watch of someone from the government. These rules and laws are put in place to control the use of the internet. But the beauty of the internet is that it’s a vast expanse. There is no end to it. And on this never-ending network, there is a chunk of the web that you cannot access using a regular browser. These are hidden-away parts of the internet called the dark web.

The dark web has been popularized a lot in the present day thanks to every darknet documentary available. These movies like ‘Anonymous’, ‘Deep Web,’ ‘Down the Deep, Dark, Hidden Web’ are about this incredible phenomenon. Such films [one better than the other] have unraveled the world of the dark web. It also shows how this lesser-known part of the web has taken hold of the present-day world.

Is browsing the Dark web Illegal?

The dark web accounts for almost 90% of the internet. Unfortunately, the anonymity it beings to the platform has made it a market place for all things illegal. However, using the deep web itself is not illegal.  But since it is flooded with a barrage of illicit actions, it is an unsafe environment for the conventional web user. Use the dark web has made it possible to hide your real identity and add a false face to these actions. These parts of the net are also untraceable and almost impossible to monitor by government agencies. It is because of this you witness too many questionable activities such as the sale of drugs and weapons, illegal trafficking, streaming of violence and much more.

How do I access the dark web?

After watching a darknet documentary, you might find the need to fuel your curiosity on this concept. You can access the deep web by download a browser like Tor or the Onion browser. These are specially designed to help you navigate inside the deep web. These are very safe to use unless you do not stumble upon anything that could compromise your information. Make sure you use the dark web with a VPN and never use any of your real information for logins and access.

When on the dark web, it’s very important to be as safe as you can. You never know what is lurking around the corner. It makes good sense to have someone with experience on your side when you attempt this for the first time.