Why Angular JS is Preferable among the Bright’s Web Development Team

For many years, web developers are using innovative and sophisticated frameworks to provide the required web or app development solutions to their clients. Especially, if we talk about Bright’s web development team, it considers Angular JS framework as one of the effective one to perform web and application development projects successfully. In this article, you will come to know many strong reasons, for which Angular JS is preferable among today’s web development professionals.

Simple and Easy MVC Architecture

Angular JS used for web-sites development works on MVC i.e. Model View Controller architecture for the development of interactive and robust web applications. Moreover, you only have to split the application to implement MVC, while Angular JS will complete everything. MVC performs the following major functions-

  • To maintain the available data
  • Accountable views to display data
  • To work as a bridge for setting up a connection between Model and View

Uses Declarative Coding Style

Angular JS uses declarative paradigm to create varieties of patterns. Because of this, experts of a web development agency may create easy and lightweight codes, which are also easy to support and readable. Thus, with Angular JS, one does not require describing each of the steps to accomplish anything. Instead, he or she has to describe on the required result.

Large Community

Angular JS is a product of Google Plus. Because of this, it has qualified members of the respective core development team. Furthermore, the team has other people others involved in making fixes or suggesting the necessary improvements to make in the open-source framework. Other than this, Angular JS hosts its conferences worldwide at hackathons and in various other communities related to the IT field. In this way, any web development expert gets plenty of online resources on the Angular JS framework.

Uses HTML and Directives

Angular JS is a pattern language and hence, it uses HTML. Accordingly, you may expand it with directives to add in your existing code information about the required behavior. Directives allow you focusing on creating various logics and hence, allow you working in a productive way. Even you may reuse directives to increase the readability of your codes.

Facilitates Two-way Data Binding

Angular JS uses two-way data binding. Accordingly, if you make any change in the user interface, you will get its influence on application objects and vice versa. Whenever the framework encounters module changes, browser events and user actions on its page, it outright updates of the essential patterns. Simultaneously, one does not require storing links to DOM elements, instead, he/she may manipulate them directly. Only we have to mention the result by using model state terms and do not require using low-level constructions.

Includes Only Plain Java Script Object

Each of the objects used in Angular JS is of Plain Old JavaScript Objects, abbreviated as POJO. Accordingly, you do not require any additional function. POJO gives you each of the standard functionalities available under JavaScript to manipulate the objects. Even with POJO, you may add and remove properties from different objects, while loop over objects depending on your own choice.