Future in data science according to a student’s perspective

Most of the students will come across this question once that is there any future in data science? Then do not worry it is the most rewarding career nowadays. And as the world is moving towards more artificial intelligence the world will need more data scientist to get the insight knowledge from the interpret data. And according to a study by Glassdoor data science is the number one job in the U.S for the consecutive three years in a row. And statistics suggest that there will be a rise in data science and about 11.5 million jobs will be created only in the US.

That clears all the doubt that one has in their mind. And it is the most challenging and most rewarding career option that a person can give to their future. The candidate just needs to register themselves into the right Data Science Course and see the growth in career. It’s just that the candidates need to be hardworking because becoming a data scientist is not an easy task.

Future in India of data scientist and salary package

Data science is one of the fastest-growing fields in India. And it’s only because India holds around 35 to 50 per cent of global analytic service market which makes a data scientist to be an integral part of the company. Because all the company are understanding the use of data to do their business in a smart way. And startups in India are very keen to hire a data scientist and pay an average salary of 10 lakhs per annum, and this will increase with the number of experiences.

Choose Bangalore as the option to learn data science

Why Bangalore, because it is an IT hub and many IT companies are there, and they require data scientist which will be added benefit to the candidate to get more job opportunity. And because of the job opening in data science, many reputed institutes are opened in Bangalore. So, that’s why to choose the Data Science Course in Bangalore to learn more and for placement too.