Upgrading to VPS Hosting: Features and Benefits

Imagine this- you started your business with a simple, no-frills website, and it was pulling adequate traffic, performing well, and giving you the results that you expected in the first phase of your business. Then, thanks to your marketing strategy, your site gradually started to grow and became a more complex set of resources and information, requiring you to do a lot more. Every site owner faces this situation at least once. This is an indication that you need to upgrade your hosting service with a smarter and more efficient option like VPS hosting.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting is technically a server within a server. There is one physical server, which hosts multiple virtual servers called a Virtual Machine. Each of these smaller servers is isolated from each other, using the mechanism of virtualization, thus giving you independent and exclusive space. They run on their own operating system, have their own resources, and remain unaffected by what happens on the neighboring servers.

Benefits of VPS hosting

VPS is the best choice when shared hosting seems too limited or dedicated hosting seems too expensive. It is halfway between the two, but with the best benefits of each.

Here are some of the most popular benefits that you can get from VPS hosting-


If you have a fast-moving site like e-commerce, news, social platforms, or online entertainment, but you have a restricted budget, then VPS will give you the best value for money. The hosting platform allocates the operational costs among all server users, so you do not bear any hefty cost on yourself. This eventually saves your monthly fee and your tech budget in the end.

Privacy & Security

As mentioned earlier, the virtual private servers are separate from each other. Therefore, even if you have multiple users on the main physical server, your site server enjoys all the privacy and safety and is completely inaccessible to other users. This means that, even if one of the smaller servers face any security threat, it will keep your server completely unaffected.


With shared hosting, you have no control on customization, and with dedicated hosting, you have no control over the cost. With VPS, however, you can customize your hardware and software configuration, the applications that you want to run, and other resources that you want to integrate for better performance.

Root Accessibility

This is perhaps the best benefit of choosing VPS. With your complete control on your independent server, you can easily configure your own software, modify the root code, or install another software, as and when you need, without any intervention.

Summing up…

VPS hosting does prove to be a smart and efficient hosting solution and allows your site to run smoothly without any unnecessary costs or to compromise on the security and operational aspects. Depending on the growth of your business or its performance, you need to decide whether it is time to upgrade to a better hosting environment or not.