Testing of Smoke Extraction System: Know How to Do It!

Testing of Smoke Extraction System

The effectiveness of a fumeextraction system plays a major role in determining whether or not it is capable of cleansing the air and pulling out all the hazardous particulates from it. It is not up to a welder’s skills but on the efficiency of a smoke extracting machine. The industry workers already face several complications in carrying out complex processes. The metallic fumes released during the welding process only adds to the problems and result in serious health issues.

This means testing fume extraction system is essential to achieve the success rate in the removal of harmful contaminants. It requires proper knowledge of what measures to take care of, what standards a tool should match, where to look for the details, etc. Let us help you with this process.

Testing Of Smoke Extraction System

When it comes to determining the effectiveness of a fume extraction system, certain parameters need to be met. The two major factors are:

  • Pressure
  • Flow

However, the amount of pressure and flow required depends on the pollutants that are released at the site. Other crucial factors which cannot be ignored are the filler material used, the position of the weld, etc. As the welding parameters increase, there is also a surge in the levels of smoke. This calls for higher amounts of pressure.

It is highly recommended to test the system on a weekly basis to ensure smooth functionality. Whether you are using a high-powered exhaust, smoke dampers, automatic smoke curtains, etc., you need to keep a thorough check on the system’s operating conditions.

Maintenance Is Crucial

In any industrial area where volumes of fumes are produced, a smoke extraction machine becomes a necessity. The maintenance of fume extraction tools plays an equally major role as the regular testing of the machinery. This ensures a proper working mechanism in case of any emergency. The regular maintenance of the machine also promises longer life and minimizes the chances of you investing in new tools once the existing ones expire.

Final Verdict

 When it comes to fume extraction, there are plenty of options in the market. You must always choose the one as per your requirements to make sure that the working space is a safe place for the welders and other workers in your industry.