The Many Uses Of Text Analytics Software

There are millions of text data fed into computer systems that need further structuring so that they can be converted into useful information for analysis, which is a process known as text analytics. This data can be used to search for a particular data point from a larger pool, measure customer feedback, opinions and product reviews, make correct decisions based on entity modeling and so much more. Text analytics can be applied in many ways, but below are some of its more common uses:

  • Recovering a document – If you want to retrieve a single document containing relevant information from a cluster of documents, text analytics is the way to go. Topic modeling helps you to fully automate the process of decluttering documents by creating associations with specific words and topics so that when you search, you will find the relevant documents within seconds.
  • Sentiment Analysis This form of analysis is made in order to understand basic human sentiments and the resultant opinions that can be derived from forms of texts like product reviews or comments. So even without manually reading all reviews, you will know whether the majority of users consider a product worth purchasing or not.
  • Spam Filtering – Certain words that are very common in spam emails are used to create an algorithm called Naïve Bayes that will automatically detect whether you are receiving a spam email or not and saves you from receiving those in your inbox, automatically sending them to the spam section.
  • Using Chatbots – Many websites have started using chatbots in order to give customers the particular information they are searching for from the infinite data in their storage. This not only saves time but also cuts the cost of installing customer call services. This form of analytics structures the answers by searching the data provided on the website.
  • Shortlisting Human Resource – The software for shortlisting human resources scans the work bio of all applicants and chooses those who fit the job description, making the recruitment process much easier.

The data analytics software provided by experts like Provalis Research is a creative approach towards text analytics that makes the software very user-friendly and adaptable, helping you stay on top of your game without incurring excessive costs.