The Very best of Tiktok Promotions

The TikTok app comes from the Chinese company ByteDance, which bought, which became known for lipsync videos, in 2018. This merger created the current TikTok, which in 2019 became the most downloaded app on the AppStore. Globally, the app already has over 500 million active users, most of whom represent the Z generation.

For the Average Users

The average user spends up to 52 minutes of their day in the deep blood of TikTok. So it’s no wonder that the 75 billion ByteDance has been calculated to be the most valuable start-up company in the world. From the hypetik agency you can now expect the best supports.

  • While TikTok is now on everyone’s lips, the app is causing confusion and headaches, especially among potential advertisers. At least the situation is not alleviated by how ByteDance keeps some of the statistics and metrics related to the application closely to itself.

The secret of TikTok is a constantly evolving algorithm

TikTok’s trick is fast-paced and constant renewal. Its operation is based on various short videos of less than a minute. These videos include, among other things, dancing, games, music and tie-ups, various challenges, memes, jokes and cute animals.

In the app, the user has the ability to customize the videos to their own taste, even by cutting or adding filters, effects and music. TikTok is thus a very creative application that allows its user to implement an almost limitless amount of themselves. The user can also limit their audience either to the general public or at least to themselves.

One of the special features of TikTok is that it is not necessary to follow others at all – the application’s algorithm takes care of a constant stream of entertainment by feeding endlessly trendy and user-friendly videos to the For You feed. However, a separate Following feed can also be used to follow, like, and comment on videos from specific users.

There is always a demand for a youth channel

Over time, social media enduring favorites Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have amassed a kind of active user base of their kind. There are both pros and cons for all channels.

Once upon a time, clearing up sometime began with Facebook, which today focuses mainly on conversation, articles, events, and various groups. However, this channel became a base for the older population, from which the youth took a sudden start when Instagram came on the market.

Instagram’s greatest strength is it is visual, which is why the application has now become a showcase for the lives of its influencers. As an advertising channel, Instagram is constantly evolving, and it has become an enduring favorite of lifestyle brands in particular.

Novelty-seeking decorators continued to move to Snapchat, whose user base is already clearly younger than Instagram. However, the application with the yellow ghost logo was first published in 2011, which is why it is time for TikTok to gain a foothold. According to the boldest estimates, TikTok has even been banned by YouTube, an outrageous favorite.

Last Words

Various video services have become more widespread as the younger generations have taken over the videos with the help of Instagram, Snapchat and now also TikTok. The popularity of videos is projected to continue to grow, so a variety of video skills will certainly be of immense benefit in the future. Already, social media professionals as well as micro- and nano-influencers have become very popular, and some as a profession or tool have never been a utopia.