Will Freight Forwarding Software Ever Rule the World?

Much like other industries, freight forwarding is also witnessing an immense change, and like most changes, this tends to bring up both risks as well as opportunities. Facing an era of unprecedented changes as digitisation takes hold and customer expectations continue to evolve – newer technologies with the help of logistics software are now enabling greater efficiency and also collaborative operating models. The incorporation of technology has brought about changes both evolutionary and revolutionary, which brings us to areas of disruption that can impact the future of the industry tremendously.

Customer expectations are now beginning to evolve, be it individual consumers or industrial customers – expectations to get shipments faster, increased flexibility, as well as enhanced transparency at a much lower cost, means that across industries operating models and profitability are under strain. The differentiating factor here comes as the pace of transformation that is brought about by leveraging logistics software that can bring about greater efficiency and enhance performance than ever before. There is literally no other industry where experts have ascribed to a higher importance of data and analytics in the coming years than freight forwarding. This is owing to the fact that the sector has never had access to more data than today, which makes it possible to get vast opportunities to improve the form as well as serve customers better given that now you have options like CRM for freight forwarders. Creating a digitally integrated value chain, the future means creating business concepts and service models that can help businesses gain a competitive edge.

Disrupting data technology solutions such as freight management software have now made it easier to manage the supply chain and logistics to deliver, be able to manage schedules, gaining into invisibility, etc. having access to real-time information and insights throughout the process.  This can help businesses make faster and more informed decisions today, which results in operations that have been optimised, better margins as well as better customer experience through CRM for freight forwarders. With enough case studies lauding the impact of the digital intervention in freight forwarding, businesses today are definitely looking at the digital imperative and how they can improve the efficiency by incorporating it. 

This leads us to the important question of whether freight forwarding software will ever rule the world? There is no doubt that the industry is set to experience enormous changes as new technologies begin to take hold. This means that businesses need to transform significantly and use digital technologies to the advantage. Incumbents who are innovative and flexible enough to latch on to this will end up reaping the rewards of a profitable growth which can eventually set them up for global growth with the aid of technological interventions.

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