Things That You Must Consider While Buying a Mobile Phone

Mobile phones with advanced computing capabilities hit the market in the era of late ’90s. However, it was not until the year 2007 that the world got totally swept off by the mighty smartphones- All credit for this massive shift goes to the introduction of iPhones. With the inclusion of features like intuitive GUI, touchscreen and virtual keyboard, Apple suddenly revolutionized the cellphone industry like never before.

The impact generated was so unprecedented that the boom in the smartphones segment still continues to prevail even after 12 years of their inception. With the introduction of new players, technology has further evolved and competition has got intensified.

With so many brilliant options available, choosing the right phone can get quite overwhelming and confusing at times. However, requirement based selection can make things a little simpler- You may consider the following features in order to take the right pick.

  1. Battery: In case you are heavily into multitasking, gaming, or video streaming, the activities are going to take a toll on your phone battery. In such a scenario, it would be wise to specifically look out for a smartphone model, which has powerful battery life.
  2. Phone Memory: Just like a computer, each smartphone device, too carries two types of memories i.e. RAM and ROM. The basic functionality of both is as under.
  • RAM: Random access memory along with the phone processor is responsible for the phone working. A high RAM will ensure the ease of operation where apps will open immediately and overall the phone will be smooth to operate with no issues while multitasking.
  • ROM: Read-only memory is used majorly for storage purpose and hence, it is the place where all your pictures, songs, videos and apps are saved.

So, if you are a heavy user and need ample storage too, a 4 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM smartphone will be suitable for your requirement. For normal usage, you can go with anything lower.

  1. Camera: If you are a photography enthusiast then a 12 – 16 MP camera phone with an aperture of f/2.0 or less will be a good option. For normal usage though, even 8 MP – 12 MP should suffice.
  2. Processor: Gigahertz is the unit of processor speed and a higher value implies a better processor. Those who are more into videography or gaming should ideally go with smartphones with appreciable processor speed.

Apart from above, display size, operating system (iOS/Android) and of course the cost, are some of the other important factors, which you must consider while purchasing a smartphone.