How do summarizing tools work to extract an effective and meaningful summary?

These days the internet has every ounce of information, you just need to click and all that you want comes in your way. In fact, we spend most of our time surfing through the net to gather information either for our college projects or to prepare a presentation in office. Internet is like a savior at the time of distress when we fail to find any other way to gather data. However, the only problem is that the information that we receive may not be required as it is, and thus we need to cut it short to make it meaningful enough to suit our requirements. Doing this exercise consume a lot of time and energy. However, as the saying goes solution lies in the problem itself thus the internet only has given us the solution by giving us access to various tools to summarize a text. The algorithm behind these software’s is designed in such a way that it focuses on keywords and ensure that you get hands on the most effective and meaningful summary.

If you are still not convinced, you would be surprised to know that prominent search engines like Google, and Yahoo use these software’s to summarize the content. Summarizers help in extracting the right information in the form of sentences from the whole document, depending on the kind of summary you want it may or may not focus on keywords.

Working of such summarizing software’s

The working and module of summarizing software’s may work on the input you have provided. There are certain software’s that can extract information from multiple documents, and there are such modules as well that works primarily on one document only to extract the information. It is you who has to select the module according to your need and requirement.

There are two modules under which these summarizers work

  • Abstractive method: Abstractive method is a challenging one, as the human touch in the summary extracted is much more as compared to any other method. Under this module, the software creates a summary by using new phrases and sentences rather than using the same content. However, it ensures that the essence and meaning of the original document stay intact. Summary generated through this module is more realistic as manually also we follow the same approach. This module compresses the information and forms a summary which may or may not contain the words from the original document.
  • Extractive method: Extractive method is rather simplistic as compared to the former one, as under this the phrase and sentences are selected from the original content depending on the relevance and importance of the content. It does so by ranking the phrases which are more relevant so as to create a meaningful and effective summary.

Most of the people prefer to go for the extractive method to summarize a text as it is considered to be simplistic and easily available, but if you want better solutions and high-quality content then you should go for an abstractive method.