Other Services That Many Web Hosting Companies Offer

Many hosting services do several other services for their clients. One is to help a new client get a domain name which is the unique name identifying the website. Domain names serve as the best way to remember where an internet resource is located including: 

  • Computers
  • Networks
  • Services

Individual internet host companies such as THCServers, use the domain name in order to identify the website they are hosting. 


As well as helping a client get setup with a domain name, a web hosting company also will in most cases maintain site statistics. The stats of website traffic are vital to any online business, so getting free site statistics is an asset for a hosting company to provide. Each website has an individual page they can log in to and will be able to see who is visiting their website daily. 

Web designing

Many hosting companies also provide professional web designing if you are not able to design your own website. This also involves custom graphics as well as designing a perfect logo for your business. 


They also will do “search engine optimization” for your site which can help your business reach a higher ranking in search engine results which will bring you more qualified traffic. This is the only way that traffic can learn where you are and what your business is about, so it is quite important to help any website business to grow. 

Package deals

Most web hosting companies offer various packages offering many of the items mentioned in this article. If everything has already been taken care of and you just need a company to do nothing but host – they have a package for that. A premium package will offer much of these other items but with a higher monthly price. It all depends on what you need or want on how much your monthly fee will be.