Optimal Internet Marketing Strategy: Blogging and SEO

When blogging, you should put your new content (blog articles) into three main categories. The first category is the round-up posts. Second is ego-bait posts, and third is poster-boy posts.

Round-up posts are about link round-ups. You look for bloggers who are publishing similar content in your niche. You write a new article with content that can complement with their articles. You link to their articles from your blog article. Then you let the bloggers (i.e. influencing bloggers with big following in social media) know about your new article, and let them share and/or re-share your content on their social media. This way, your blog may benefit from getting more traffic (i.e. visibility).

Ego-bait posts may vary. The important thing is that you want to appeal to the ego of a few strong influencers who have a large following in your industry (or niche). The content could include topics such as showing some of the advices the influencers gave out are effective when solving some particular problems in the local community. The topic makes them look good to their own fans, or would have triggered their ego. They are likely to share your content with their following base.

Poster-boy posts are similar to ego-bait posts. But it is the next-level tactic. You would identify an influencer person. Work with this person in a tactical way. You would regularly create new posts that benefit this influencer. He would share your content, and even ask his fans to re-share. This is a method with a set of long term tactics.

Blogging alone may work, but it will probably not be optimal. What this means is that when creating new content for a blog and maintaining the content, you will have to take SEO (i.e. search engine optimization) in full consideration. These days, people are consuming blog content, social media content, and almost every other content through their mobile devices. This makes SEO very much mobile-friendly SEO. For this, refer to this Mobile SEO Best Practices guide.

Everyone’s time is extremely limited including your time. It is not the most important thing to keep creating and publishing new content. There is no point to keep creating content that no one reads or cares. It is about the quality of the new content. It is about how the new content would relate to the cooperation with the influencers who you are working regularly with. Think of how a piece of new content you’re going to create will get you the traffic your blog needs, and whether the traffic (i.e. visitors) who land on your blog will become a long term subscriber of your blog.

Right from the beginning, you would have set up Google Analytics (or other free web analytics software) on your blog (or website). This allows you to monitor your traffic and view the reports. You will keep track on the traffic growth progress of your blog. You would also use a CRM (or email program) to take care of your subscription base, with certain data reports as feedback.