How To Make An Effective Service Presentation

The presentation of corporate services is a key sales tool and a good opportunity to position your brand; therefore, you have to use the ppt design [desain ppt which is the term in Indonesia] to design it correctly so that it can become persuasive.

What is done as a general rule is to make a summary of the history of the company, a list of all products and services, and name the values, mission, and business vision? But does this differentiate us from the competition?

In this article, we will give you some tips for you to consider when designing your presentation and make it a powerful sales weapon.

Steps To Make A Powerful Service Presentation

Presents A Problem

It presents a problem where your services are the solution. You can start by showing trends, statistics, and important data of the sector. Show that your company is aware of everything and that it takes the lead with respect to the competition.

Introduce Your Team

Talk about the human capital behind your company, present your team with a brief professional review. You can also comment closely on the history of your company, how it was formed, what the motivation was.

Conceptualize The Values

Define the values ​​of your company, but do not put them in the form of a list. You can create hook phrases that conceptualize the values and place them strategically within the content of the presentation, either as headlines or subtitles.

Impeccable Design

The design is just as important as the content of the presentation. Remember that the first impression does count, and the image will determine that our client continues reading the information and wants to inquire more about us.

Corporate Identity

The corporate visual identity of your company must be present in any resource or documentation that you disseminate: logo, color palette, and typefaces. Define a graphic line; it will help you convey the values ​​and personality of your company.