Super Clean Master

Cleaning and performance boosting is a new thing for Android devices. Because unlike Apple devices, there are lots of price ranges and choices for Android. Most of the people are buying low-range and mid-range smart phones. Those devices lose performance so quickly if you do not manage them. Even low-end phone performs better on first month or two. When you start to install applications and games without a limit, you may quickly run out of storage and performance since those devices are not flagship devices.

Loosing batter power quickly, loss of performance, memory full, phone over heating are the most common problems. Those are cause due to user errors. Nothing to do with hardware. Do not attempt to change battery or fix it on hardware level if you phone is not old enough. First try Android optimizing application like Clean Master, Clean Master apk, NOX Cleaner, AVG Cleaner, Bee Booster and etc. There are many applications that you can choose.

Features of Super Clean Master

  • Junk Cleaner – You will notice that removing your files and media won’t release expected amount of storage and freed storage will quickly filled without doing anything. That is because applications you use create files, caches and more. You can remove caches, unwanted files, residuals, remains from uninstalled apps, redundant backups to get more storage without deleing your own files.
  • One Tap Boost – Use this feature when you stuck or phone is too slow to your actions. This feature will quickly close all opened applications and background running apps to free RAM and CPU. So that you can run your current application smoothly without getting stuck.
  • Battery Saver – Identify and close battery draining apps and background processes. Most of those processers are unwanted and run even without using the phone.
  • CPU Cooler –Use this feature when your phone is too hot. It may happen you watch video or play game for longer time. There are many other applications run on CPU other that your current work. That increase CPU stress and cause heat. Closing CPU intensive work will reduce CPU heat and allow you watch video for a longer time without getting heat.

There are many other features like Antivirus, App Manager, Cache Cleaner, Game Booster and etc. You can download this application and use all those features for free.

Download Super Clean Master

You can easily download and install this application from Google Play Store. Go to play store and search as “super clean”. You will see this application as the first result. Select and install it. Please note Super clean master available on Play Store is not OG Clean master application. If you want that application click here to download clean Master APK file. If not, you can use third party Android app stores like AC Market app.

Since Windows 11 Support Android applications, you can install clean master applications on Windows devices too. Since Amazon App store Windows does not has apps as much as AC Market, click here to install AC Market Windows 11.